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The Char Collection

The personal collection of Mr. and Mrs. Tin-yuke Char is located in the Char Room at Kapi`olani Community College Library. It contains over 800 books and journals in both English and Chinese, including the Chars' own publications. The Collection reflects the Chars' wide-range of interests in China, from scholarly works to popular readings, such as Chinese philosophy, religion, genealogy, history, language, literature, food and herbal remedies, and the arts, including Peking opera, Hakka folk songs.

The strengths of the Char Collection are Chinese history, literature and language, and genealogy. The history collection, mainly in English, focuses on the ancient and modern history of China, social life and customs of Chinese, and politics and governments in China. The literature and language collection, mostly in Chinese, covers classical works, including poetry, fiction and drama; contemporary literature from Taiwan and China; language textbooks used by colleges and universities in the United States; and Chinese-English dictionaries, including Cantonese and Hakka dialects. The Chinese genealogy collection, though small in quantity, is the jewel of the Char Collection. This collection reflects Mr. and Mrs. Char's interest in and devotion to the study and research of genealogy that concentrated on the history of the Chinese in Hawaii and Chinese immigration to Hawaii.

The Chars also donated to the Kapi`olani Community College Library their personal papers, correspondence, family mementos, art works, selected manuscripts, and other items. (click here to see the art works and mementos)

NOTE: The Char Collection is a divided collection. Materials that were part of Mr. and Mrs. Char's personal library are located in the Char Room and do not circulate. Materials purchased with funds from the Char Endowment are also part of the Char Collection, but they are shelved with the General Collection and may be borrowed.

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