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Guidelines for the Char Room

Mr. and Mrs. Tin-Yuke Char, in addition to creating an endowment to supplement the library's Asian-Pacific acquisitions, also donated funds to establish the Char Asian-Pacific Study Room.

Although the Char Room is open for individual study and reading, the Chars did not want this room to be simply a quiet place to study. They wanted the Room to sponsor lectures, displays, presentations, forums, workshops, exhibits, cultural events, studies, conferences, and other dynamic, interactive activities to focus community attention on Asia and the Pacific.

The Kapi`olani library shares this vision, and has invited distinguished and influential leaders from the community to serve as an advisory committee to help us plan and implement appropriate programs. The committee includes business leaders, judges, educators, diplomats, and other prominent figures.

Through the Char Room and the Char Committee, the library intends to foster its program of internationalism, and enhance the awareness in our students and the community of the continuity between the historical past and the current events transpiring in Asia and the Pacific.

As a result of the mission and plans for the Char Room, special events will be held there from time to time. Also, the Char Committee will hold its regular meetings there. These and other activities will be scheduled by the library administration, and may limit the Room's availability for individual study.

Also, much of the Chars' personal library, along with manuscripts for several of their books, correspondence, and other personal effects are kept in the room. At the Chars' request, these materials are restricted to the Char Room. An item may be removed for photocopying downstairs, but the user must sign for the item and return it immediately.

Due to the special nature of the Char Room and its contents, it is not an appropriate location for any meetings or activities other than those specifically relating to the Char Room programs. Exceptions must be approved by the Head Librarian.

Char Room hours will vary according to the availability of staffing. Persons requesting materials from the Char Room when it is closed should be encouraged to return when the Room is open or to make an appointment.

Char materials do not circulate.


For more information about the Char Room or any of its projects send us an email to or contact the Head Librarian at 734-9267.

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