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5 videos found with Title beginning with "L":

Video: Lohengrin, Bayreuther Festspiele, Act 3
Call #: KVTR 673

Details: German with English Subtitles (1982) Color 60 minutes
Source: Philips
Video: Lohengrin, Bayreuther Festspiele, Acts 1 & 2
Call #: KVTR 672

Details: German with English Subtitles (1982) Color 120 minutes
Source: Philips
Summary/Notes: Siegfried Vogel, Peter Hofmann, Karan Armstrong, Leif Roar, Elizabeth Connell, Bernd Weikl
Video: Lohengrin, The Metropolitan Opera, 1/10/86
Call #: KVTR 674

Details: German with English Subtitles (1986) Color 220 minutes
Source: Paramount Home Video
Summary/Notes: Two videos in one binder
Video: Looking Like The Enemy: A Video Essay On The Paradoxes Of Race And The Ironies Of War / 2 copies
Call #: KVTR 595

Details: English Color 52 minutes
Source: Japanese American National Museum
Summary/Notes: Directed by Robert A. Nakamura. Produced & written by Karen l. Ishizuka.
Video: Lottery
Call #: KVTR 643

Details: English (1969) Color 18 minutes
Source: Filmic Archives
Summary/Notes: Based on the story by Shirley Jackson