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3 videos found with Title beginning with "T":

Video: Ties & Tensions : EU -US Relations In The Next Century
Call #: KVTR 675

Details: English Color 26 minutes
Source: Karol Media/European Commission Delegation
Summary/Notes: Accompanied by educator's guide
Video: To Sir, With Love
Call #: KVTR 637

Details: English (1966) Color 105 minutes
Source: Filmic Archives
Summary/Notes: Sidney Poitier, Judy Geeson, Christian Roberts, Suzy Kendall from the novel by E.R. Braithwaite
Video: Training For Cultural Competence In The HIV Epidemic
Call #: KVTR 613

Details: English (1995) Color 40 minutes
Source: Aids Education Project
Summary/Notes: KCC HIV/AIDS service learning reference library